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Hey everyone, this is my “Kenny Says” page.  Could be “Kenny Ray DJ says” if your one of my music industry friends or just “Kenny Ray Says” if you’re a relative or friend from way back…probably way way back.  For the sake of keeping it short and keeping it simple we just called my blog “Kenny Says”.

This is where I write and/or share my personal writings, clipping, pictures, videos and any other ideas of the moment I think are worth sharing.  You’ll soon see, that I’m involved in a lot of different projects…JV business partnerships, my own music, the music of friends, faith insights and of course life experiences to be shared and reflected upon.  You have a lot of these same things going on…so share them in the comments here too as I would love to know what you’re up to?

I know we all have opinions, so a). take mine with a grain of salt…please …it’s just my opinion or idea after all and Lord knows we all have em’ b). you have a right to your own opinion, so share your feedback, add your comment…heck, even share my ideas with your other friends if you like them or find them interesting and  c). lastly, join me in stepping out, by sharing your own ideas whenever and wherever possible…join the ongoing vibrant conversation that sometimes starts right here.  Prepare to influence and be influenced :-)