Kenny Ray Tevis Atlanta Ga - Old School DJ

Kenny Ray Tevis is a Christian business consultant, leader, entrepreneur and old school DJ, working and having fun in Atlanta Ga. Although Kenny Ray Tevis the old school DJ is definitely creative and fun, Kenny also knows it's important to be focused, serious and even formal at the right times.

Kenny Ray Tevis Old School DJ as he's known from radio and in the music industry has spent time or has family roots throughout the Central and Southeastern regions of the United States. In addition to Kenny Ray Tevis being a talented Radio DJ and voiceover artist, he loves to work with other Christian business people to both grow their businesses and have a significant impact on their surrounding communities.

Kenny Ray Tevis is an experienced artist and business man who can wear a number of different business hats depending on what's needed and what his roll is at the time. In addition to being very flexible, Kenny Ray has a "get it done" attitude, a team spirit, a creative artistic side and a more relaxed, less hurried casual side when just spending time with his close friends and family.